Stylish Loft Conversions

Lofts are generally neglected as they are only storage spaces in which all the idle old things are stored. If you have the right knowledge about the unused spaces in your home and how you can convert them, it will save you all the additional costs that you might have had from moving house or adding a needless extension for additional space.

Cost Effective

For a lot of people, a loft is just an empty space on the top of their houses, used for storing old boxes, CDs, older school books, childhood toys, or Christmas decorations for the next year. Nevertheless, as people need more and more space for living, the loft might prove to become much more than just your dumping ground.

Whatever your problems are about space, loft conversions will be your perfect, cost-effective solution. At MCS Southwest, we provide stylish loft conversions throughout Bristol.

You can contact us for professional services from loft bedrooms and home extensions, through to dormer conversions, kitchen extensions, and roofline conversions. Our professional team provides comprehensive services for conversions of garage spaces and lofts.

loft conversion
loft conversion bedroom

Want to visit a past project?

Many of our previous clients would be happy to organise a time that suits both parties, for you to go and take a look at the fantastic work we’ve done.

Turn a lumber room into a living room

Add a bedroom, home office, TV lounge or whatever you would like. Of all the options open to homeowners seeking to improve their house, a loft conversion is by far the quickest, easiest and least expensive.

The only limit is your imagination

How you utilize the extra room is down to your individual needs. We will work alongside with you to help you see the possibilities, plan the space and realise your home’s potential.

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